Yung Tory and Grandtheft collaborate for the second time to deliver “Off Day” (1 min reading time)

The original title was, “Yung Tory still getting fired on his “Off Day”. Yeah, I know, I’ve truly outdone myself for that title but a loosie like this deserved a title like that (*greatness*)

Yung Tory and Grandtheft unite again for their second release of the year after Dripoholic. The duo released Dripaholic back in February this year and their new offering, Off Day, continues Grandthefts pivot back into hip-hop.

Across a chopped up, high-pitched vocal, Yung Tory bends his vocals over some crazy drum patterns provided by Grandtheft. A short gift (the track stretches to just under 2 minutes) but a welcome one to take us into winter.

Listen to Off Day below.

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