Treasury #003 ft. Kendrick Lamar, Bonaparte, Gunna and more (2 min reading time)

Every 2 weeks, we’ll be delivering a fresh 16 track playlist (4 songs each) accompanied by a singular pick by each of our staff for the song that resonates with them the most. We hope you join us on this adventure and discover with us some fantastic tracks

Absent Staff Picks:
Jayvock ~ Big Shot
Lajor ~ Look Alive

Let It Ring ~ Peter

I’ve gone international for this Treasury pick, Bonaparte A.K.A Tobias Jundt.

What a guy he is, I truly love it when a musician is unique and Bonaparte is most certainly unique. The swisher Swiss blonde walks that fine line in the music world between pretentiously annoying and uniquely captivating. It’s the line which all the best musicians have to walk and Bonaparte just about manages to keep his balance on it. Even after naming an album ‘The Return Of Stravinsky Wellington’… Christ.

Let It Ring sums this up perfectly, the song as a whole is right on the edge of being an incredibly frustrating clatter that’s easy to write off but in fact Bonaparte manages to reign himself in just enough to make it a very enjoyable listen.

I don’t blame you if you aren’t convinced.

I’m still not sure I am and I made him my pick of the playlist… Go figure.

IUD ~ Sonny’s Pick

This week’s song choices by me followed one constant. Women making absolute bangers. I’d employ you to listen to every single track and then sent me praise. and also send them praise. Of course. My pick is Okay Kaya

Okay Kaya starting off this year very well. After being apart of the highly anticipated King Krule album “The Ooz” in the form of the track Slush Puppy, Okay Kaya’s track IUD provides more of her mellowed talent.

Staying with you from the first second, Okay Kaya’s melancholy (like, in a good way) take on safe sex will leave you replaying the song for a while. Something about her light but powerful voice manages to make a song about sex something that you wouldn’t want to hear in the middle of a club night. It would actually probably make you go home and think about life.

Which is cool


Here’s the video: