Treasury #002 ft. Bearcubs, Ugly God, Yaeji and more (3 min reading time)

Every 2 weeks, we’ll be delivering a fresh 16 track playlist (4 songs each) accompanied by a singular pick by each of our staff for the song that resonates with them the most. We hope you join us on this adventure and discover with us some fantastic tracks

Absent Staff Picks:
Jayvock ~ drink i’m sippin’ on

New Kid (ft. Noah The Banshee) ~ Lajor
Finding records and artists like this is sincerely the reason I’m apart of the FRESHBORNGOLD family. I don’t want to say Niko Rose’s music is obscure, because that carries a negative tone. I just want to say that for someone as talented as he is – the number of ears that haven’t been treated to his music is borderline criminal.

New Kid encapsulates a small bit of the range and versatility Niko Rose has and as I float through his latest project, “The Puppy Project”, I find myself experiencing nostalgia to some of the indie bands of my teenage years such as Good Shoes and Bombay Bicycle Club. It’s worth noting I don’t necessarily think Niko Rose sounds like these artists but he definitely has found that ability to capture a mood and nuance that sets his music apart internally (from track to track) and holistically.

Whether it’s his hazy rap-like flow on New Kid or “On & Off”; the bassline that runs through “Louie” or the Ezra Koenig-esque vocals on “Doghead”, Niko Rose is definitely someone we’d love to see more of here at FBG.

Payload ~ Sonny

“Drrrop a whole thing on your head that’s a payloaaaad” has essentially been my life motto the whole of the past 2 weeks. Payload presents itself as probably my favourite track from KAMI and the track seriously hits.

It’s strength is in it’s chorus and, to be honest, is the main reason I bumped this track continually over the past 14 days. Something about blaring out the lyrics “heartbeat to a real nigga that’s a bankroll” with them angelic synths in the backing, never gets old.

If you wanna hear more from KAMI, Make sure to check out “Just Like The Movies”

also Fuck ISIS.

Lay It Down ~ Peter

Female vocalists so often fall into the trap of sounding like carbon copies of each other, it’s like the music industry has this one specific sound in mind and then tries to steer everyone they can down that path. The end result is bunch of generic female singers who prostitute themselves off to whichever generic house/drum n’ bass group record labels are deciding to push on the radio at the time.

This is why it’s so refreshing when you hear someone not afraid to break from the mould and put some real emotion into their sound. It’s the reason why Florence Welch, Karen O or Alison Goldfrapp stand out and make such enjoyable music, it’s a rare occurrence and Keziah Stillwell seems set to join that list.

If you get the chance listen to ‘Pearls Deep’ remix by band member Hannah Holland as well.

Black Gold Buffalo have some range.