Introducing the new bi-weekly playlists: Treasury #001 (3 min reading time)

So with our first breath, we curate.

Every 2 weeks, we’ll be delivering a fresh 16 track playlist (4 songs each) accompanied by a singular pick by each of our staff for the song that resonates with them the most. We hope you join us on this adventure and discover with us some fantastic tracks

Capeesh – Maxo Kream

Jayvock’s Pick

I swear this rapping shit is just too easy for Maxo. His natural flows and intricate wordplay blend effortlessly and remain imprinted in your mind days after your first listen. (See: ‘Getting topper from a yellow model, boppin, watchin Shottas)

By utilising banging 808’s and whatever instrument the melody is played on, the instrumental, produced by Montreal native Tommy Kruise, lays the foundation for Maxo Kream to deliver a juxtaposition of bars that are simultaneously both playful and hard hitting.

Partnered with Trippies’ instantly recognisable vocal melodies and scratchy falsettos; this song is a guaranteed hit.

Solid Gold – New Carnival

Peter’s Pick

New Carnival are expanding their sound, making it bigger & even funkier than ever before. Still instantly recognisable as those same boys from Bristol, Solid Gold plays to all their strengths with a catchy sing-a-long chorus that builds up to a festival ready finish barely recognisable from the sparse intro.

The guys know what works for them (Great vocals, driving bass rhythm and drums that never overwhelm but always move the song along) and each release so far has seen them push their sound even further. I saw them way back in March 2017 at the Boston Tea Rooms and they put on a great show, so fingers crossed they come back with a big tour in 2018 to play what they have been working on since then.

Humpty Dumpty – Acid Tongue

Lajor’s Pick

Humpty Dumpty lets you know straight away, “you’re here for the long haul” as the simple but hypnotising guitar melody draws you in and snags you by Guy Keltner’s woozy vocals. The fairy-tale-gone-wrong psychedelic concept of the record keeps you on a string throughout as everyone’s favourite story about an anthropomorphous egg becomes an amazing analogy for love and heartbreak.

Acid Tongue contrast these dazy, yawning vocals with lyrics around self-reflection (quite literally in some cases) and relationships as they build up to a mesmerising hook that juxtaposes the rest of the tracks with a soft, head-bobbing enquiry, “Can you crack me open?”.

Acid Tongue are definitely going to be on my watchlist for 2018 as this Seattle-born band may be the catalyst that relights my love for psychedelic rock.

Party Here – Octavian

Sonny’s Pick

So, the first time I heard this track, I was stunned. Octavian’s vocals, on his biggest track to date, display intensity, melody and intent to show you that he’s gonna be one of biggest stars of 2018 in the UK. Already with big co-signs from artists such as Rudimental, Oneman and Drake, This track could launch (and maybe already has) Octavian straight from underground to a household name to all UK music fans.

Produced by his friend, JGBRM, the backing track incorporates synths and 808s that can have this track bumping from clubs to commutes (which I happen to be doing at the time of writing).

I expect big things from Octavian with his new track 100 degrees featuring Sam Wise from House of Pharaohs dropping on the 26th January. His future is looking golden.

Check our the Party Here video below, which complements the record perfectly: