Time to ‘Jump In’ to the Atomic Drum Assembly (3 min reading time)

Jump In is the second and latest offering from Atomic Drum Assembly who manage to squeeze a whole load of frenetic energy into this tight 21 minute release. Tropical and slightly off-kilter, it can leave you feeling as though you are sipping a strawberry daiquiri on a luscious pacific paradise, only to realise the deck chair has been placed front and centre on the Bikini Atoll, July 1946.

You will likely have heard the duo from their break-out song Island Life released last year or even Skip Jump Stomp which made an appearance on an especially hard pumping Gatorade advert that did the rounds. Both can be found on the self-titled debut release from Atomic Drum Assembly which was an intriguing first pitch and Jump In successfully builds on all the flavourful momentum that has built up behind the group. Both releases weigh in at just over 20 minutes apiece and there is a coherent jungle thread that winds its way through both offerings with minimal vocals, exciting drums, thriving bass and just the right splash of horns throughout, to round off the whole experience.

The Go! Team come to mind soon into delving into this release and If Thunder, Lightning, Strike had come out a decade later with more of an emphasis on the electronic side, I suspect it would have ended up as something rather similar to Jump In. The title song kicks off the ep and the introductory drums prove something of a red herring. Initially sounding as though we are about to enter Black Skinhead territory, the song quickly takes a right turn and with the bass kicking in Atomic Drum Assembly invite us all to jump in to the the tribal revelry on offer here. It’s an extraordinarily well put together song and is exceedingly fun to listen to with none of the energy disappearing even after repeated listening (and there has been plenty of repeated listening at FBG HQ).

It’s a good taste of what’s in store over the following 5 songs with the tempo quickly upped on the following song Yas U Kno, making use of a lovely looped vocal sample from which the song itself takes it’s name. What is most interesting about Atomic Drum Assembly is how they seem to have found a knack for making commercially friendly music that can sit happily on Fifa soundtracks & Gatorade commercials whilst still making something totally different from what else is out there. Comin’ in Hot is the standout song of the album which really finds all these special individual elements that make up the group coming together successfully.

Driving bassline? Check.

Deep rhythmic vocals? Check.

Plenty of pounding drums? Check.

Ready to sell the latest hatchbacks driving around a generic sunny European town? Without a doubt.

Jump In is so worth a listen whenever you get a moment but the fact that Atomic Drum Assembly have managed to a create a sound that is so recognisably their own in only 43 minutes of music released is an incredible feat. When you get home from work tomorrow, put on Jump In here and get a jump start on summer.

Peter x