The Unique Voices of Music #001 (3 min reading time)

On Dec 5th, I went to an IAM event which hosted some of the newest crop of UK musicians. There’s nothing better in music than young artists getting a platform to master there craft. This was also my first opportunity to see 21 year old Octavian in the flesh, a South London rapper with a voice like nothing I’ve heard before.

This got me thinking. One constant between some of the best new artists is there one-of-a-kind vocals. Unique vocals allow unique opportunities for an artist to create sounds and melodies like noone else. With this first entry into the series will look to highlight two of the unique voices in the UK.

King Krule

So, there’s only three reasons you haven’t heard Archy Marshall. You’ve been in a coma, in hiding or damn near have not been paying attention. Archy aka the massively talented King Krule would be what I’d call a dictionary definition of what a unique vocalist sounds like.

Set up with this deep low octaves, Krule manages to create these incredible soundscapes that are truly centered around his ability to sound like noone else. First making a name for himself with the track “Noose of Jah Rock” Krule was something I’d never heard before. Part singing/Part talking, Noose of Jah Rock introduced me to this brooding almost angry voice with lyrics to match this intensity.

Then I listened to “6 feet Beneath the Moon”.

The same intensity seen prior had been amplified and focused. Tracks like “Easy Easy”to personal favourites “Border Line” & “Baby Blue” all provide this holistic view of Krule’s talents and how it isn’t actually just limited to his vocals. I mean, if you listen to “Baby Blue” then jump forward in time to his latest single “Dum Surfer”, compare the two and notice the complete shift in energy.

Let’s face it, if you listen to King Krule – you’re gonna be impressed.

“I’m not impressed” – Peter x


Stop reading this. Open up your music player of choice (apart from SoundCloud, it got no love). Type in Octavian and blast all his current available music.

Now tweet @freshborngold and thank me for giving you that advice.

Without being around for too long Octavian Godji (his real name) is already tipped for great things. I mean it’s quite the endorsement getting both his sleeper hit “Party Here” and “100 degrees” (his newest bumper featuring House of Pharaohs Sam Wise) onto our #001 and #002 Treasury playlists. Right? Probably.

What makes Octavian something special is the rawness of his vocals, natural melodies he produces and the general

I can also vouch for him when I say he can translate that grittiness to the stage. Octavian hit the stage to an audience who were unfamiliar to him but unsurprisingly, by the time he left the stage, he had a half full Village Underground bouncing in full flow. At this stage of his career, that’s an impressive feat.

Octavian has uncapped potential because of his natural vocals and I’ll be there to unnecessarily say I told you so when he makes it to the mainstream.

Join me next time when I cover… well more unique voices in music.