Surveying the return of Architects (2 min reading time)

It’s no secret that Architects are a force to be reckoned with. For the past 10 years they have been pushing the metalcore envelope with each new album serving to develop and solidify their sound. All the while flying the flag for the United Kingdom as one of the most unique and instantly recognisable outfits in the genre.

The following track ‘Doomsday,’ is taken from their eighth studio album titled ‘Holy Hell,’ which dropped at the tail end of 2018. Most notably, it is the first album the band have released after the death of founding member and lead songwriter Tom Searle. After his passing the future of the band became unclear, almost signalling the end of Architects as we know them. However, this uncertainty came to an end with the release of ‘Doomsday,’ originally as a standalone single which was eventually included as part of ‘Holy Hell.’

This track showcases everything that makes Architects the tour de force they are; technical guitar riffs, progressive drumming, soaring cleans and ferocious screams. For an existing fan it’s everything you have come to recognise as Architects. For a new listener it perfectly summarises what this band are about. This track was what told the world what they had hoped to hear after such tragedy. Architects are here to stay.

Architects are currently touring throughout the Summer with their last UK performance being at All Points East last May.