Sun Silva on the rise (3 min reading time)

Every now and then a band introduces itself with a song that you just can’t seem to shake. Days can go by, maybe even weeks pass but that song is still just…. there.

Not in the usual pop hit manner, where it will follow you across the radio, in shops and even office playlists (if it is inoffensive enough not to distract from the work of course). Rather, these types of songs are playing along at the back of your mind, sound-tracking your weekly shop without you even realising, until you find yourself singing that unbearably catchy hook that you just couldn’t let pass by and not join in.

For anyone who listened to Blue Light, the incredible debut from Sun Silva one of the most exciting bands to emerge across the UK recently, this will be a familiar feeling. It’s a track that makes beautiful of use of a brass backing section building to a crescendo of excitable energy when lead singer Oscar Gormley layers over the titular hook.

Fun Fact – All members of Sun Silva clock in at over 7ft apart from Oscar (Editor Note: This is not true.)

You may have run across this particular track when it got the ultimate seal of approval making the cut for the Fifa 19 soundtrack (as every great indie band should aspire too). But beyond this the only other song they have released so far is the equally rewarding Sun Skin Air.

It was with these two songs resolutely stored away in the back of our minds, myself & fellow FBG luminary Sonny found ourselves in the midst of a very excitable crowd at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney, ready to find out just how much more Sun Silva had to offer.

Once we had got our heads round a gig being played in a fashion store (that happens to have an incredible space on the first floor for seeing some cracking bands up close and personal), we settled in to see a group that are knocking on the walls to make their breakthrough.

Blue Light was kept back as the finale to the four members looking like they were having the time of their life on that stage. The back catalogue of music they have been putting together over the last year or so was strong and it was an enjoyable sight seeing this band take their first steps out on what could be a great ride for them all.

It felt like we had seen the start of something big for Sun Silva.

Keep an eye out for this band and if you ever get the chance to catch them live, make sure you do!

Listen to Sun Skin Air below and follow their Twitter here