Sean Leon sets the tone with “GG” (1 min reading time)

Toronto-native Sean Leon has been one of our favourite discoveries at FRESHBORNGOLD this year ever since we were fortunate enough to discover his 2017 tape C.C.WM.T.T and use that entry point for the rest of his catalogue.

The stylistic diversity that Leon displays across the last 18 months let alone his entire discography comes across authentic and effortless with releases from Kelsey Grammar to Guillotine and Aquarius to his most recent release GG.

It goes without saying that Leon is multi-faceted within music but calling him just a musician would be an inharmonious description. The fully-fledged creative has major songwriting and placement credits alongside some of the most creative stars in the world currently. His latest project, PUPIL INC., looks to unite creatives as well as provide a platform for the development of Toronto’s rising talents.

As a newly-landed Toronto import, I’m looking forward to seeing how Leon continues to pioneer. Listen to his latest offering, GG below.

You can find Sean Leon at Soundcloud, Twitter & Instagram