Sainté’s debut project shows us why he’s the “Local MVP” (3 min reading time)

Reigning from the East Midlands, Leicester-born Sainté debuted his first EP, “Local MVP” on January 6th. The 4-track project showcases Sainté as the young rapper surfs across a variety of spacious, laid-back and relaxing instrumentals orchestrated by Parker Jazz Keegan.

The EP kicks off with the track Stylin’, and as well as commencing Local MVP, the single was accompanied with a video upon release of the EP. Stylin’ features the stylish, cloud textured style of instrumental that can be heard across all the tracks on the project. This style of instrumental is well-suited to Sainté’s laid-back yet charismatic delivery as the East-Midlands rapper reminisces about past adventures.

The video for Stylin‘ the perfect companion to the song with it depicting Sainté cruising around Leicester with his friends. A majority of it is shot with a fisheye lens giving us an expansive view of Sainté and his friends vibing from day to night; the visual does well to epitomize the entire project that starts with the brighter tones of Stylin’ taking us into the lower-toned Champagne Shots. This track is Sainté’s most popular track released so far, racking up over 2 million streams on Spotify so far since it’s release 5 months ago in mid-2020,

Sainté fills in the midriff of Local MVP with Hunnids and On Me. Hunnids follows the glide-ful approach that is inherited from the opening track as the artist details his future ambitions whilst On Me is spearhead by the mellowed drum patterns and allows Sainté to get more into melodic rap mode when breaking into the hook.

It’s a great start for Sainté who has been an FBG favourite since his 2019 Envy Me (check it out among others on the FBG Winter 2019 playlist here) and has built up a steady following across the streaming services and co-signs from Soulection’s Joe Kay, listen to the project below and follow Sainté’s moves on Instagram, Spotify and the YSM Collective Youtube Channel.