Rain is Coming – Gazel (2 min reading time)

Gazel has certainly hit her stride with the release of Rain Is Coming, the fourth single to bless us from her debut album Book Of Souls due out in October.

Book Of Souls is a high (perhaps in more ways than one) concept album. After her village is laid to waste by a mysterious fire, Gazel searches for the cause of the tragedy through encounters with different souls found in our collective unconscious.

Following this concept, what we have heard so far from the album is an unsurprisingly eclectic mix of songs, from Mina’s Hymn heavier electronic feel to the guitar forward Pointing at the Moon. Each single has shown a different aspect to Gazel and it’s been enjoyable journey to see the layers strip away from an artist not afraid to think big and even better, to follow through on these ideas.

What we have been waiting for is the song that really announces Gazel to the wider world and it looks as though Rain Is Coming will be the one to do so. The song tackles those difficult final steps into adulthood and the full range of Gazel’s vocal abilities are allowed to take centre stage over an initially stripped back synth background with minimal distractions. This instrumentation gradually builds further and further, mirroring the same growth every person makes until we finally reach a very lightly house tinged finale.

Vocally it’s difficult to find a satisfying box in which to put Gazel which is always a good sign. Perhaps the closest fit that comes to mind is somewhere close to Tori Amos and it is perhaps that familiar yet inventive feel that bodes well for when the full Book of Souls is released later this year.

Hopefully we see Gazel follow this path musically as it feels as though she has found her lane with this release. Introspective, dynamic and captivating all at once, what more can you ask for?

Peter x