Ones you may have missed: No Tourists bless us with a single, “Too Fast” (2 min reading time)

Toronto-natives No Tourists gave up their first offering of the new year debuting their latest track “Too Fast” in late January.

Some background: The 7-person crew are wildly creative with each member bringing their own creative spark to the group. Their ability to entwine so many elements of various genres into a cohesive, soulful bop like Too Fast is a testament to their ability to create songs, whilst not every member of the group is a performer, you can feel the energy of the entire collective in their music from the sound to the way they present it.

Often we see posse cuts take the form of each member delivering their contribution within their allotted time on a record but No Tourists approach the music in a refreshing and cohesive manner despite them spanning across so many different genres within the same track length. Too Fast finds it’s foundations predominantly in R&B and but incorporates funk-inspired melodies as the track builds to reveal rap verses.

Listen to “Too Fast” below.

As mentioned, this is the group’s first release of 2021 following their sleeper hit “Dumbo” from their 2020 project,GUERILLA which also featured the equally as expansive Safe Bet and Gas. The group have teased new music with us here at FBG excited to hear more from the Toronto natives. At the time of writing, the group have teased a new single, “Like Lava” for late February.

Follow No Tourists and keep updated with their movements on Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter, Audiomack and YouTube. If you love “Too Fast” like us, be sure to purchase the single from the group’s Bandcamp!