Ones you may have missed: Clive Mercury – Grapes (2 min reading time)

Here is Ones you may have missed (because every post of FRESHBORNGOLD needs a series title), a new series of posts that will continue throughout the early months of 2019. Here we will briefly discuss and highlight some of the great collections of music that snuck past us here at FBG HQ.

Kicking off the series, is Clive Mercury and his latest release, GRAPES. This 5-track EP released in December by the Polarface Records MC. Mercury’s last project was the impressive 2017 release, Orange Rooms EP, and there’s no denying his growth in the space of a year with an impressive refinement of his authentic grime sound and plaintive, reflective lyricism.

“You better learn when the album drops, Fifth got lyrics and tracks in stock”

Clive Mercury, Virginia

The project has great diversity, ranging from the more traditional, industrial and raw Grime sounding “Virginia” (Mercury chose to release a video to accompany with the track, viewable here) spanning over to the bouncy, effervescent mid-EP hip-hop track, “Colourways”. 

One thing that remains consistent throughout the EP is Mercury’s clear vocal performance and technique that allows him to adapt his flow whilst still remaining clear and impactful with some tracks evoking a nostalgic feel using traditional UK MC techniques (like repetition) being used on tracks like “Blue” being reminiscent of Kano’s How We Livin’.

Listen to GRAPES below and follow Clive Mercury on Twitter and Instagram.