Octavian delivers yet again with ‘Little’ (1 min reading time)

Octavian is who we, here at FRESHBORNGOLD, regard as the poster child for the evolution of UK Hip-Hop.

On “Little” he proves yet again his versatility in some ways, straying away from the experimentation we saw on “Hands” to deliver his infamous vocalic rap style to lyrically address those who may not have had as much faith in him as they should have.

Octavian, as mentioned above, is a favourite here at FRESHBORNGOLD and Little follows more in the footsteps of his earlier tracks such as ‘Sunday Sket Fun‘ and similar tracks on his Essie World mixtape. If you can’t get enough of Octavian, his early tracks paint a good story of his development up til now.

Watch the video for Little below.