Lord Apex brings the G-funk to British Terrains with S.O.I.L. (1 min reading time)

Look it’s the UK Snoop, in the coup, blowing haze, out the roof…

Last Friday (the 7th for the lazy guys out there), Lord Apex, a fan favourite of us here at FRESHBORNGOLD, blessed us with his 5-track EP, S.O.I.L. 

The project represents Lord Apex’s diverse ability, spanning from G-Funk influenced tracks throughout the project in the project before adopting a classic British Summertime vibe in Sunny Daze.

Lord Apex brings a flair on this project that reminiscent of West Coast legends like Daz Dillinger and (of course) Snoop, but his style also brings forth vibes of East Coast artists such as Masta Ace.

Albeit the influence of the OG’s Overseas is clear but Lord Apex manages to bring it home and make the sound relatable in the current landscape of UK Hip-Hop. Listen to the project below: