Kelora & Siberian Post Punk Ravetronica (1 min reading time)

I assume you are a fan of Siberian Post Punk Ravetronica.

What? You haven’t heard of it before? Hang your head in shame philistine.

How about Medieval Futurist Nu-Celtic Folk?

Amazingly enough I didn’t make up the second choice. Perhaps even more amazingly it’s actually really good music.

We all know musicians can be so far up their own arses it’s tough to take them seriously, yet somehow Kelora manage to tick all the pretentious boxes and come out the other side with some music that I absolutely adore.

If told you to imagine Enya making music inspired by nighttime walks through desolate Scottish wilds, you would be getting close to Kelora’s output. It sounds like the re-boot that no-one asked for, but it turned out to be something I never knew I needed in my life. Before I get jumped on by the CDL (Celtic Defence League), this isn’t just a lazy comparison between the only Celtic artists I know or likely ever will know. Atmosphere is everything to both of them. You can see and hear it both in the music and the ramshackle Blair Witch Project videos of Kelora’s first two singles, which feel a little like the first time i tripped balls on acid.

If you happen to be tripping balls as you read this article, DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO.

Probably should have put that earlier.

Peter x