A Conversation with Hypnotic Kingdom (1 min reading time)

A Canuck musician walks into a bar…

He forms a band.

Turns out the music he makes  is pretty damn good and they call the band Cheatahs, so what’s next? Start playing some shows get signed, obviously (it’s the noughties after all). They do alright for themselves, tour round Europe and play festivals in Portugal, the next step? He quits music and starts a Mac ‘n’ Cheese company with his brother-in-law… Obviously.

Two years down the line however and Nathen Hewitt has re found his first love and is playing again in the form of Hypnotic Kingdom. The fuzz pedals and heavy reverb of the old ‘shoegazing’ (It’s a crap term I know, but it’s the box they were placed in) band are gone and a much cleaner, summer sound has taken its place.

Would You Be There For Me was inspired by a delayed honeymoon in Crete and that inspiration shines through on a fitted 9 song project. Go check it out here and if time’s tight, jump straight into a Perfect Paradise, a real stand out song that conveys the feeling and tone of the album as a whole.


If you really want your ‘shoegazing’ fix, the closing track Sunburn will scratch that itch. It’s a great song as well.

Peter x