Fredwave lets us how he’s “GETTING ON” (1 min reading time)

North London artist Fredwave has given us his third offering of the year after BAD FOR ME and demo tape DUST (featuring music he never got round to releasing between 2013-2019) and this time, he has looped in (and introduced us) to the ever-talented, Moise.

I remember meeting Fredwave briefly in passing Primavera (Barcelona) 2019 last year, he’s as infinitely cool as his music suggests however within his releases, he creates an atmosphere that evokes feelings of the nighttime and winter. Fredwave’s vocals are phantasmal, and GETTING ON is backed by a dreamlike slow and dull drum pattern that emphasises the feel of the song.

The addition of Moise for the hook brings the entirety of a track to a clean finish, with his addition being one of the final touches on the track. Moise recently released his own project, Postcards I Forgot To Send, earlier this year (we’ll definitely be getting round to that!)

Listen to GETTING ON below and don’t forget to buy if you rate it as much as we do:

We can only hope that the frequency in which we hear Fredwave’s vocals increases tremendously as his talent is clear to hear every time he drops something new.

Buy the new song from FREDWAVE’s Bandcamp here and follow on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.