Foreign Air take a giant leap forward with ‘Wake Me Up’ (1 min reading time)

Foreign Air are band that clearly enjoy hiding in plain sight. Made up of Jesse Clasen and Jacob Michael , you will struggle to find enough music released by the two of them to soundtrack a commute home from work.

By no means are they resting on their laurels however with an impressive touring ethic meaning they are rarely off the road themselves. On the downside, this has resulted in only 8 songs being released since the 2016 LP For the Light.

Chakra Demon & Loud Magic were two of those songs that provided a glimpse into how their song writing had tightened up over the previous couple of years and seemed ready made to pack out venues.

You’re waking me up
I never saw the bright side
Not up until today
I always saw the darkness in everything

Wake Me Up – Foreign Air

The long awaited debut album has still to materialise but Wake Me Up has been another huge leap forward for the duo. The production side of Foreign Air has always been stellar and whilst Loud Magic was a stadium anthem ready made, Wake Me Up has managed to marry those incredible driving drums that is the hallmark of the group with some personal and powerful vocals that has raised excitement around their debut to whole new levels.

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