Eyes & Ears #002: Will Smith & RK (2 min reading time)

Following the path blazed by my FBG fellow Lajor, this Eyes & Ears highlights just a drop of the greatness I get to experience on a week to week basis.

In a month where we had an incomprehensibly massive Trump protest, Brexit negotiations have gone down the proverbial toilet and almost as importantly, June also gave me a chance to listen to the summer-centric masterpiece that is Any Minute Now by Yxng Bane & D-Block Europe, Uncle Sonny has come to you with two more insightful and rhythmic chunks of media to stimulate your Eyes & Ears..

Eyes: RapRadar Interview with Will Smith

Hosted by Elliott Wilson and Brian ‘B.Dot’ Miller, RapRadar‘s hip-hop podcast is something you should be checking out anyway. Interviewing some of the most influential and greatest in the genre, the managed to snag another one with the French Prince himself, Big Willy.

Now the bad news, there podcasts are usually on on Tidal when they drop, but the good news is that they dropped this one on YouTube as well!

These guys manage to basically get answers on some questions I’ve been wondering about for a long time, like the infamous reporter slap, the incredible Fresh Prince father scene (you know the one!).

If you have an hour, definitely worth checking out!

Ears: Running by RK

Now if you want to talk about a guy pushing to make a name for himself, you have to check out RK. Hailing from Birmingham (big give away being his big tune Brum Town Baby) the guy is back with another one just in time for Summer. Big things are in store with RK and this is just another introduction the man from Brum.

(also if you want this for your eyes as well, click here)