Eyes & Ears #001: Elyse Kelly & Conrad Munday (1 min reading time)

Something new for your two favourite senses…

When launching a platform/website/base/world like FRESHBORNGOLD, it’s easy to get lost in writing long and comprehensive articles dictating how some of our favourite artists have changed the game, opened up a GoFundMe page or just subtly dropped a sleeper hit. Well if that was the crème de la crème of music journalism then this is simply the delightful little fruit pot you get on the side of a Müller corner: the bit you look forward to the most.

The latest contribution to the world from the FRESHBORNGOLD Familia is Eyes & Earsevery week I’ll give you a few tidbits that have been delightfully consumed by my favourite senses. This week we begin with Johnny’s Home by Washington-based, Elyse Kelly and Eternal Vacation by London soundmaker Conrad Mundy.

Eyes: Johnny’s Home by Elyse Kelly

For your eyes, a piece around the shocking reality that is mass incarceration. Kelly has designed this as part of a series commissioned for the ACLU (watch the full series here) and it really does shed light on the experiences of former convict. Something that many choose not to acknowledge.

Ears: Eternal Vacation by Conrad Mundy

For your ears, Conrad Mundy has created a compilation that showcases his almost lethargic flow (but in a good way) over incredibly well crafted beats by his equally as talented cohort, Dylan the Infamous. In addition to the impressive production, Conrad’s slow flow paces fluidly with his lyrical and story-telling ability. Definitely one to watch for the future, but for the present, treat yourself.