Eyes and Ears #003: Sophie Koko Gate (It’s Nice That) & Omari Lyseight (1 min reading time)

Something new for your two favourite senses…

EYES: Nicer Tuesdays – Sophie Koko Gate

 Websites can like other Websites right? RIGHT ‽ ‽ (I’ve recently had a craving to use that symbol and after hard work and toil finally achieved fitting it in somewhere). Cool. Well a favourite site over here at FRESHBORNGOLD is It’s Nice That. They believe that “creative inspiration is for everyone and by championing the most exciting and engaging work online, in print and through our events programme, we want to open up this world to the widest possible audience”. They also host a monthly event called Nicer Tuesdays where they invite creative speakers from various different creative industries to talk. In the most recent shindig they featured Sophie Koko Gate, who recently animated a short for Adult Swim’s Off the Air. The talk is fascinating as the distinguished animator discusses her inspirations and talks the audience through some of here favourite characters. Check out some of the talk below and for more of her work, visit her Vimeo profile here.

EARS: Bounce by Omari Lyseight (Prod. Omari Lyseight)

Omari Lyseight dropped this track no less than 16 hours ago (at time of writing). The self-produced track has bouncy (the name makes so much sense now!!) melodies and insanely rhythmic drum pattern as Omari reflects the diversity of London’s soundscape. The incredible quality of music coming out of London almost makes it difficult to keep on top of things (which is a worrying admission from a music website) but Omari is definitely one to keep your eye on.

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