DYGL IN LDN (4 min reading time)

Before we even start to talk about the incredible music DYGL create & play, let’s address the elephant in the room… That name. I mean, where do you even begin when trying to say the name out loud?

Well you start with the D of course, but where you go from there is anyone’s guess. Now, I am going to do my best to help guide you through this tricky introduction to a really great and interesting group but by the time I finally heard the band announce themselves at The Old Blue Last they were 4 or 5 songs deep and we were perhaps even deeper into our IPA’s and an enthusiastic debate about whether Tokyo Police Club actually had any links with the city that DYGL originate from (no is the answer, they used a random name generator) and speculating if each band would be a fan of the other (yes is the answer, that’s a Canadian/Japanese tour de force waiting to happen) but I can with almost full confidence declare that they are to be called;


Originally from Tokyo, the four-piece are currently based in London and building up a storm on these shores and beyond right now. If you are new to the band then their latest single A Paper Dream is as good a place to start as any other. It is currently a stand-alone single but is a good indicator that the band are moving in the right direction following their debut album Say Goodbye To Memory Den, which came out to rave reviews and announced the band to a lot of new fans who instantly fell in love with the Japanese twist on an established and beloved genre (call it a Sake Old-Fashioned).

It feels like a very good fit when you find out that their debut album was produced by Albert Hammond Jr, The Strokes epitomise the garage sound of the modern era in the eyes & ears of most, so having Albert on board to help guide DYGL through that debut album can only have been a good thing for the group.

The flip-side to this for a lot of bands is to be only ever seen as lite-version of whichever band they are following in the footsteps of. It’s nothing new, all forms of art and creativity is building upon what’s been done before you, creating your own distinctive slice of musical real estate in genre that has been around for decades is no easy task by any means but from everything I have seen & heard so far, DYGL are more than equipped for this.

The live performance is incredibly tight and they look ready start filling out some larger venues this year. Despite the low key garage sound they have made their own, they don’t feel like a band who would lose the essence of what makes them great with that step-up and it would perhaps be even more interesting to see how their music would grow with the spaces they need to fill out.

That’s for the future however, right now we still have the chance to catch them playing in intimate venues where we can still get close and personal with them. It’s another band I am resigned to love but having to spend at least ten minutes explaining to whoever I am chatting to, just which band I really want them to go see next time they are in town (I’m also looking at you; STRFKR, SBTRKT & CSS) but if you are wondering just when you will be able to see them again, they have just announced another show at The Lexington on the 4th July and if you aren’t convinced by them already, you will be by the end of the show;


Peter x