Clairmont The Second demonstrates his craftwork to us with “HANDS” (2 min reading time)

Clairmont The Second dropped the visuals for his latest single “HANDS” last Friday, the self-directed video embodies the vogue of 90s VHS tapes as the artist focuses the view on himself, demonstrating the finesse of delivering punchlines whilst painting auto-miniatures. Check out the video below.

Don’t try and google the sample, I’m just a great producer

This is the first single Clairmont has released since his 2020 album, “It’s Not How It Sounds” (which has a wavy cassette commercial I recommend you check out) where the Toronto-native demonstrated his artistic range, marrying together trap soul auras alongside bouncy and energising melodies.

Clairmont picks up where he left off with I.N.H.I.S. with HANDS; a hook-less, sub-3-minute, direct articulation of his journey, comrades met and left along the way and finally, the skills he has to show from it. The artist denotes his superiority across others, not just with wordsmithing but also in production with the woodwind and piano-led melodies give the track smooth jazz feel that juxtaposes the assertiveness, pin-point delivery of what Clairmont is saying.

One thing that draws me to Clairmont is his artistry; there’s nothing better than when a musician demonstrates their skills with visual aesthetics he does this across the multitude of self-directed and edited visuals to his tracks (available for prime-time viewing on YouTube). When backtracking through Clairmont’s catalogue and wealth of visuals, it’s clear the artist has been refining his abilities across so many different playing fields and it’s been a great experience seeing how he’s seemingly developed them all simultaneously.

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