Ay Wing tells us about Ice Cream Dream, her influences and the Berlin heatwave (5 min reading time)

Ay Wing is a Swiss candy-painted artist currently based in Berlin and is someone that can be defined by a mix of pop, funk and sweetness. Ay Wing has gave us the opportunity to ask a couple questions about what’s going on.

So during the blazing heat of this summer, I was recommended a instantly addictive track by the aforementioned Ay Wing, within the first few seconds I already knew this was going to be one of those tracks that gets tracked in your head for at least a week… and it was

Even now, to the annoyance of those around me, I’ve been humming it continuously whilst typing this article out. That track was Ice Cream Dream, a sub 3 minute song that really is amazing from start to finish. What Ay Wing manages to accomplish in her music, also present in throughout her EP, also aptly named Ice Cream Dream, is this bubblegum, champagne-esque pop sound (pop being one of the rare genres that can be explained by food or drink).

I managed to ask Ay Wing aka Alexandra Landtwing, some questions regarding her creation process, her songs and the visuals that accompany them. Take a look below and enjoy!

What got you into music initially?
My dad’s vinyl collection which was full of Woodstock music and a tape recorded that my parents left in the living room. That’s when I started recording my voice to check out how I sounded. I guess that’s where it all started.

…and what about the name, Ay Wing?
It’s an alter ego that derived from my real name Alexandra Landtwing and allows me to be more extreme in my split personalities.

I’m a big fan of the name, something very unique about it stands out! Could you put into words your split personalities? Is the Ay Wing we hear in the music different to the Alexandra of the real world?
Oh thank you. I guess Ay Wing is much bolder than the Alexandra of the real world. When I’m on stage I’m totally in the moment and not afraid to express any kind of emotions with my singing and performance , I feel very free. In real life I find it hard to talk about my feelings. I’m much more quiet than the Ay Wing on stage.

Who are your inspirations and would you say being based in Berlin has influenced your current sound?
I listened to a lot of Daniel Johnston, Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Nirvana, Nina Simone, Jimi Hendrix, Eminem but also current artists such as M.I.A, Tame Impala have influenced my sounds and songwriting. Living in Berlin has exposed me to electronic music which has certainly influenced me, but also meeting so many artists in one city was inspiring and helping to keep on doing what I do. I didn’t feel so weird anymore sitting alone in my studio for days…

I’m not sure you’re aware of this, but in the UK (where FRESHBORNGOLD is based) we’ve gone through something of a heavy heatwave so your latest release ‘Ice Cream Dream’ has been very on point! What’s the idea behind the track?
In Berlin we experienced a heatwave too. It was so hot and I was in my room (40 degrees) and I was trying to lay down some vocal takes for my album…it was pretty tough. Ice Cream walks helped to keep my brain from melting. It was a fun track that I wrote a year ago. It was inspired from “Ice Cream Walks”. To not lose our sanity while recording the second EP me and Ralph Phillips were taking breaks by going to our favourite ice cream parlour in Berlin Mitte. That’s how the idea started, then it kind of ended up being a more satirical track.

If you could recommend someone other than yourself who needs some recognition, who would it be?
The Band Bokito. I really love their live show and they are a bunch of lovely, funny lads.

Ice Cream Dream was my first exposure to your incredibly unique videos. The weird and wonderful Ice Cream Dream video, combined with the video for Strange, really tells me a real thought process goes behind these videos. Where does the idea of the videos come from?
Thank you, I’m glad you like it. The ideas usually come from hanging out with funny people and bouncing off each others bullshitism. That’s how videos like those were created… but there are more serious videos to come…

The fine art of bullshitism can never be overlooked when coming up with ideas (we know it well here), was there any ideas that Jean-Christophe Dupasquier [who directed the Ice Cream Dream] couldn’t really translate over into the video?
Me and my friend Emily Casey were on the set and helped to get the ideas transformed into moving pictures. But we had a limited time of 17 hours in the studio, a very small budget and a mess of ice cream all over the place, so not all of the ideas were translated over into video. Some of the scenes were improvised on the shooting day.

Shameless plug time now, what is the next up for Ay Wing?
I’ve locked myself in for the last couple of days with my live band (Laura, Dany, Daniel), Glashier (an incredible filmmaker) and cameraman (Jonas Späinghaus), my sound engineer Andri Urfer in the Swiss mountains to shoot some new videos and write new songs.