Antonio America is the star for all stripes (2 min reading time)

A Diskopunk show is truly an experience that Antonio America is determined to make sure you don’t ever forget.

Anyone who has ever met me has likely heard me mention this group once, twice, a hundred times. Over the last year I have found it hard to stray too far from their sound and with a steady stream of releases they have kept my full attention.

The Swedish outfit are a striking sight on stage anyway with their mixture of 80’s taches, sequined outfits & whole heap of glitter. It’s hard to know exactly where you should be paying attention to with so much going on across each member and set-up as a whole.

That is until Antonio America strides centre-stage.

His presence fills the room with a cocksure manner in the vein of Jagger but where Mick drifted into arrogance (what rock-star doesn’t?), Antonio America is there to make sure all the fans (and there are a lot of them) are going to have the time of their life.

You will be hard-pressed to have as much fun as the band themselves however. The funky indie-dance that Diskopunk have made their hallmark, looks as much fun to play on stage as it is to party along too as part of the crowd. If you can bear to take your eyes away from Antonio America running the whole show, you will be able to notice that everyone is moving on the floor. Not the usual sway that permeates indie venues up and down the country but I mean really moving.

The usual messages of have a good time and love everybody come through the microphone between songs but this feels different. There is a genuine warmth that radiates down from the band who are ready to accept anyone and everyone as long as they are there to enjoy themselves and it feels as though the crowd reciprocate in kind.

God Damn, who invited Sweden?

Antonio America

It’s hard not to be swept up in current when I Love You and Fire are played to such a rapturous reception and as Antonio America grows throughout the set, there is a real feeling that this is a true to life star performing in front of just you and a few hundred others.

If you missed their show at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, you still have time to catch them next month in London again, playing at The Old Blue Last with tickets being sold here.

Seriously, make sure you see them.