Interviews from the vault: Little Comets (3 min reading time)

So hunting through the catacombs, I came across some classic interviews dating back from the early days of freshborngold. In the early days we used a “barebones” question style and to be honest…
It sucked.

You live and you learn, right?
Let’s take a look back at our old interviews with some of our more notable guests.

[DATED: 19TH JUNE, 2010]

1. How did you start making music?

LC: We started playing music when we were about 10… me and Michael are brothers so we used to write songs in our shed. Michael started recording them on an old tape player and sending them to local radio stations as playlist suggestions. I think he was a little bit crazy.

2. What other artists inspired you to make music?

LC: Anything I suppose, other musicians like Paul Simon and Aluka Binjabboa, authors like Milan Kundera and Fazackerly Wilhelm, but then also stories we hear or Mark’s invocations.

3. What’s some of the best advice you’ve ever been given?

LC: My grandma had a really good technique for making a plumbline when wallpapering, that is quite handy. [Mark]: When I was just a baby, My Mama told me, “Son, Always be a good boy, Don’t ever play with guns,” but then he shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

4. What music do you, yourself, listen to?

LC: Psychobuildings, Elgar, Advantage and The Deucecourts and the sound of Josephine’s Heart.

5. Do you remember the first concert you ever went to? How was it?

LC: Yes, I went to see wet wet wet when i was 10, it was bizarre. Marty Pellow was doing lines of-course-not-cocaine and of-course-not-shooting-up while feeling it in his fingers and being chased around the stage by a irony-clad guitarist. it was life affirming.

6. What was running through your mind when you make tracks?

LC: Erm… not sure really. lots of things. We are normally quite intense, like being permanently on coffee. Michael records everything so he is probably a better person to ask – he is very controlled and resolute and can consider how a track will sound when it is finished (he uses words like iterative and extrapolate when trying to explain), while i just try to pile as many sounds as possible into every bar without considering the ramifications. like using a mobile phone in a petrol station.

7. What do you class your own music under?

LC: I don’t know. We try to make music that is interesting to play, has at least some emotional depth (not sure we’ve managed this yet… woop wooo) and can get stuck in peoples’ heads in a good way….

8. What do you think of the whole scene at the moment?

LC: Which scene…..?!? is there one? we didn’t really get invited…. we haven’t got the Hoxton look and come from Newcastle (therefore we must be daft)… any scene probably only exists in the minds of a) music industry people who need to create an “organic” start for a band they have just signed or b) someone who likes to wear a pen as an earring (because darling then i can write AND look great) and needs to create an “organic” beginning for the band they have just started….

9. Any comments you want to make to the people at Fresh Born Gold?

LC: Erm… not really. just thanks for asking us some questions… otherwise we’d be permanently seduced by delinquency and rowdyism.

and how about in 2018?

Little Comets have since released 4 studio albums with the latest album Worhead being released last year. There still as good as a I remember them with there latest single M62 taking me back 7 years! Below is there latest video release, for another single, Common Things