Interviews from the vault: Johnny Polygon (3 min reading time)

So hunting through the catacombs, I came across some classic interviews dating back from the early days of freshborngold. In the early days we used a “barebones” question style and to be honest…
It sucked.

You live and you learn, right?
Let’s take a look back at our old interviews with some of our more notable guests.


1. How did you start making music?
JP: Growing up in Tulsa Oklahoma, I started off as a break dancer and sort of fell into battle rapping. I turned out to be pretty good, but in my area I was basically slaughtering everyone in my teens. I got my hands on some beats and gave song writing and shot. My friends liked it, so I kept going. I never looked back.

2. What other artists inspired you to make music?
JP: Biggie. Tupac. MJ of course. There’s a spread of classic soul, funk and jazz that was happening in my house that my parents exposed me to. But, I’m inspired by artists of all types, genres, and eras. Being around creative peers definitely helps. They all have different things they bring to the table that inspire them, and they leave a piece of that with everyone they come across. Even me. I’ve been lucky enough to be around a lot of extremely talented people for the length of my life so far. Some have made a notable mark on the music industry, some do their thing quietly.

3. What’s some of the best advice you’ve ever been given?
JP: “Don’t give a fuck”

4. What music do you, yourself, listen to?
JP: I like Norah Jones, but I also like some brazilian music. I listen to a lot of RJD2. Blonde Redhead is dope. I also like Sam Sparro. It’s a wide spread. The music I listen to is as eclectic as I am. They’ve been playing my music on Radio Nova in France a few times a day since July or so. I’d listen to pretty much anything that radio station plays. They play everything From Blondie, Bjork, Cudi, David Bowie, the Eels to Aloe Blac then back to Dolly Parton. I’m pretty stoked how they can see my music fitting into that play list. I can. Now I we have to convince America to get with it.

5. Do you remember the first concert you ever went to? How was it?
JP: I actually can’t. Guess it didn’t have thaaat much of an effect on me at the time. lol

6. What runs through your mind when making music?
JP: Not much. I clear my mind and let the music write itself.

7. What do you class your own music under?
JP: Upper class ass music.

8. What do you think of the whole scene at the moment?
JP: It’s fuckin awesome.

9. What can we expect from you in the future?
JP: I like to swim upstream. You can expect more music made, packaged and sold with my hands and pushed forward with my voice. I think people can appreciate how rare that kind of music making is.

10. Any comments you want to make to the people at Fresh Born Gold?
JP: Thanks for hollerin. Stay up. I’ve got a few new releases coming out this fall.

and how about in 2018?

Johnny Polygon has released 3 albums since this interview with “I love you, goodnight” being his latest (and my personal pick). Below is a live performance of him performing Dead Meat from the aforementioned album. My gift to you. Your welcome.