A2 reveals ‘Purple’ EP and has blessed us with visuals for ‘Flair’ (1 min reading time)

A2’s Purple has been out for a couple days now and it’s fair to say it’s a fantastic second tape for the UK artist. Following up from his previous colour coded tape BLUE from 2017, Purple is half the size but still packs the same level of impact. If you haven’t been listening to A2 up until now, seriously now is the time to get involved.

Featuring the track Flair which he released days prior to release, it partners him up with collaborators Yxng Bane, Suspect, who delivers a chorus you’d expect of Suspect and newcomer Octavian, who recently released his own project, SPACEMAN. This track really does blend 4 of the best new artists in the UK together and culminates in the best collaboration since probably D Block & Yxng Bane, earlier this year. The visuals further add evidence to the fact everything from head to toe on this record has flair. (Watch above)

Flair stands out to most as the song of the project for newcomers to A2’s talents but based off first impressions here at FRESHBORNGOLD, All In All Out captures the more melodic, slower tempo A2 that you can find more frequently in his previous tapes and in the other songs on Purple.

Listen below to Purple by A2: