A Conversation With Michael Jablonka (1 min reading time)

Here we have it then, we sat with down Mickey J to have a natter. He doesn’t refer to himself by that name by the way and I’m not sure it will endear me much to him using it either, but I have done it now and Mickey can’t do a thing about it.

Not that I think he would mind too much, he is exactly as lovable as his music makes him seem. We find out why there is so little of his solo music for us to enjoy and that Mickey K (Michael Kiwanuka) is wholly to blame for this.

Mickey J is playing a solo gig in London this week though, so get excited.

He forgot to plug it in the actual interview however. So we chucked it in at the end.

April 7th @ The Finsbury

Cheers Mickey J!

Peter x