14 Of Jack White’s Finest (5 min reading time)

Boarding House Reach is Jack White’s 14th official album. Stretching across 3 bands and 1 solo career, we have thrown together 14 of Three-Quids finest songs. Enjoy!


#14 – I Can’t Hear You (The Dead Weather)


Kicking off the countdown; I Can’t Hear You is from The Dead Weather’s second album and one of the few songs on this list without any Three-Quid vocals. Alison Mosshart more than makes up for this, layering in her distinctive voice over the stripped back sound Jack has perfected.


#13 – I’m Shakin’ (Jack White)


This was a surprising tribute to one of Jack White’s heroes growing up; a certain Welsh rock’n’roll legend named Shakin’ Stevens. Only joking. If you watch the video for this enjoyable rumble, Jack does seem to embrace his inner Shakey Steve at times though…


#12 – Level (The Raconteurs)


Clocking in at just 2:21 but with a killer riff running throughout, Level is the first entry from The Raconteurs. So if your baby is on a level and you’re trying to read her mind, you may as well give up now and just enjoy this track instead.


#11 – Sixteen Saltines (Jack White)


One of Three-Quids most popular solo songs, it’s not dedicated to Jack’s love of Saltine crackers. Instead it’s all about a girl who has him exactly where she wants. Great song, awful snack.


#10 – We’re Going To Be Friends (The White Stripes)


For all the great rock Jack made as one half of The White Stripes, it’s the acoustic heart-felt songs that were the standouts. We’re Going To Be Friends brings you back to your first day of school with a nostalgia overload and the fact it was the opening song on Napoleon Dynamite just adds to the kudos.


#9 – Jimmy The Exploder (The White Stripes)


The first song off their first album, Jimmy The Exploder has all the rawness of The White Stripes early days and I bet it was a ferocious live performance when they played it way back in 1999. It has stood the test of time since then and Jack’s yelps are still a treat to hear.


#8 – Fell In Love With A Girl (The White Stripes)


Perhaps the best song to clock in at under 2 minutes of all time? Jack fell in love with a girl, she fell in love with the world. There is no happy ending but it is still a rampaging 1.50 minutes of Garage Rock and unrequited love. The Lego video won awards at the time and ended up on Pitchfork’s top 50 music videos of the 00’s… Things have come a long way since then.


#7 – I Feel Love (The Dead Weather)


One of those rare bands that seemed to get better with every album they made, The Dead Weather smashed it out the park with the intro song to their third album. I Feel Love sounds as desolate and nihilistic as the album cover.


#6 – Salute Your Solution (The Raconteurs)


Another of Jack’s hits to make it on to a film soundtrack, Salute Your Solution was featured on Zombieland and there isn’t much to say about this one, Patrick Keeler on drums drives this song forward at break neck pace and it doesn’t let up.


#5 – Icky Thump (The White Stripes)


Explicitly political, synth solos and a title from Lancashire… It’s not your Classic White Stripes by any means but they came back with bang with this one. It’s an interesting video with Jack taking a trip over the border into Mexico and returning whilst ‘The Great Wall Of Mexico’ is under construction. I think we all know where Donald got his idea from now, secret Jack White fan?


#4 – Blue Orchid (The White Stripes)


We are getting to the big hits now and they were big hits for a reason. If Icky Thump was diverging from The White Stripes tried and tested formula, Blue Orchid takes us back to what made them so iconic. A simple drum line keeps the song moving and Jack’s monster guitar riffs take centre stage.


#3 – In The Cold, Cold Night (The White Stripes)


Meg takes charge of vocals on this one and she absolutely kills it. In The Cold Cold Night is undoubtedly one of the best songs Jack has ever written. Simple, melodic and sincere, it still hits me the same way it did fifteen years ago.


#2 – Steady As She Goes (The Raconteurs)


Jacks first single outside of The White Stripes and it did not miss the mark. The album and this single both got Grammy nominations for good reason. Frequent partner in crime Jack Lawrence opens the song with an all-time killer bass riff and it gets even better from there.


#1 – Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)


Listen, I know what you are going to say; What a cop-out putting Seven Nation Army as #1. It’s the obvious choice for a reason, the song is simply iconic and everything The White Stripes did so well. If a song can be played and heard as often as this one and still be a monster tune, it has to have done something right.

Viva La Jack White.

Peter x